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Timothy L Correll Foundation
Timothy L Correll Foundation
Timothy L Correll Foundation
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Every day, in every Minnesota community, EMS responders answer the call to provide lifesaving care and transportation for our family, neighbors and friends; most of which are volunteers. The TLC Foundation began in 2003 in memory of Timothy L. Correll who lived his dream of becoming a volunteer firefighter and E.M.T.  Timothy was passionate about serving his community as a source of comfort or rescue in times of emergency.  He tragically died in 2002.  

We invest in individuals who are willing to serve their local communities as well-trained emergency personnel and invest in Minnesota communities by acting as a private-funding resource for local emergency medical services (EMS) and fire services. Our goal is to help ensure that there is always someone trained and ready to respond in times of need.  

The need is great for trained and ready first responders and local communities with citizens able and ready to help themselves until help arrives.  We believe in every community, every  neighborhood, every family, and every individual, stronger, safer, and better prepared in the event an emergency or disaster of any kind strikes.

Our mission is to help build strong, better prepared, and more resilient Minnesota communities for times of emergency.  

We do this through
  • the funding of scholarships to individuals for paramedic, firefighting and nursing training,
  • by providing training grants to ambulance and fire services for training purposes,
  • by planning and facilitating readiness and response educational programs, and
  • by joining with community partners for advocacy.

Everyday,  in every community, EMS responders answer the call to provide  lifesaving care and transportation for our family members, neighbors,  and friends. We  believe in strong, prepared, resilient communities through the power of  education and well-trained emergency service workers, nurses and  committed community volunteers.
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TLCF, Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  
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