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Everyday Heroes.
Always Willing. Always Ready.
Everyday Heroes.  Always Willing.  Always Ready.
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About Us

Our Story
Every  day, in every community, EMS responders answer the call to provide  lifesaving care and transportation for our family, neighbors and  friends.  Their commitment to service is many times our first line of  defense when an accident or disaster occurs. The majority of EMS  responders in our state are volunteers; these volunteers work to save  precious lives every day and many ask for nothing in return.  T.L.C.F.  Inc, a 501(c)3 organization, was founded in 2003 in memory of one such  volunteer.  Read More

The  need is great for trained and ready first responders and local  communities with citizens able and ready to help themselves until help  arrives. In Minnesota 96% of fire service personnel are volunteers, and  nationwide uniformed emergency responders constitute less than one  percent of the total U.S. population.  We believe in every community,  every neighborhood, every family, and every individual, stronger, safer,  and better prepared in the event an emergency or disaster of any kind  strikes.  

Today our mission continues as we award scholarships  to remarkable individuals throughout the state who are committed to  making a difference in their local communities as firefighters,  paramedics and nurses.  In 2013, our scholarship program expanded to  include an award for non-traditional students returning to  accreditated programs to train for careers in one these three fields.   We continually seek opportunities to support fire prevention programs  for children in our elementary schools, and training efforts of fire  departments and ambulance services so that our EMS responders can be  best prepared to respond in times of emergency.  

Our mission is  to help build strong, better prepared, and more resilient Minnesota  communities for times of emergency.  We do this through the funding of  scholarships and training grants, by planning and facilitating readiness  and response educational programs, and by joining with community  partners for advocacy.  This mission is made possible through  fundraising efforts and the continued financial support of friends of  TLCF. We are forever grateful for this encouragment and support and look  forward to continued growth and development in the years to come.

Why our work is so important . . .
  • As a state and as a nation emergency preparedness is a shared responsibility.
  • Minnesota's volunteer fire department recruitment and retention efforts have been falling since the 1980s.
  • Out of the roughly 20,000 firefighters in Minnesota, only about 1,300 of them are career firefighters, the rest are volunteers.
  • Including full-time crews, Minnesota has the lowest number of firefighters in the region, just 36 for every 10,000 people in the state.
  • The  U.S. only has approximately 800,000 active Law Enforcement Officials  (includes Police and Sheriff), 1.1 million Firefighters (over 70% are  volunteers) and 210,000 EMT / paramedics. In other words, there are only  about 2.1 million First Responders supporting over 300 million people .  . .  

Everyday,  in every community, EMS responders answer the call to provide  lifesaving care and transportation for our family members, neighbors,  and friends. We  believe in strong, prepared, resilient communities through the power of  education and well-trained emergency service workers, nurses and  committed community volunteers.
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Phone: 612.770.8050

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