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Everyday Heroes.
Always Willing. Always Ready.
Everyday Heroes.  Always Willing.  Always Ready.
Timothy L Correll Foundation Inc.
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Everyday Heroes. Always Willing.
Always Ready.

At the core of our mission is an unwavering determination to ensure that when the alarm sounds there is someone trained and ready to respond.  

Your generous check donation will help us touch Minnesota communities with life-saving scholarships and training grants for nursing, paramedic, and firefighter training.

Since 2003 our foundation has provided scholarships and training grants to individuals, organizations, fire departments/districts, and public schools for the purpose of emergency service training and education.  Our goal is to strengthen the numbers of trained emergency service and healthcare professionals (firefighters, first responders, E.M.T's, paramedics, and nurses) serving Minnesota's local communities and to help Minnesota citizens be best prepared for times of emergency.
Tim Correll
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Timothy L Correll Foundation, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. EIN 42-1573035

Everyday,  in every community, EMS responders answer the call to provide  lifesaving care and transportation for our family members, neighbors,  and friends. We  believe in strong, prepared, resilient communities through the power of  education and well-trained emergency service workers, nurses and  committed community volunteers.
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Phone: 612.770.8050

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