Timothy L Correll Foundation, Inc.

Timothy L Correll Foundation

Everyday Heroes.
Always Willing. Always Ready.
Everyday Heroes.  Always Willing.  Always Ready.
Timothy L Correll Foundation Inc.
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Every day, in every Minnesota community, EMS responders answer the call to provide lifesaving care and transportation for our family, neighbors and friends; most of which are volunteers. Tim, who was a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician was killed in a car accident in 2002.  The following year, this foundation was named for and started in his memory.

What We Do

Our Mission is to help build strong, better prepared, and more resilient Minnesota communities for times of emergency.  

We do this through
  • awarding SCHOLARSHIPS to individuals for paramedic, firefighting and nursing training;
  • providing TRAINING GRANTS to Minnesota ambulance and fire services for specific local training needs;
  • supporting GRANT requests for children's fire prevention materials, emergency preparedness activities, as well as activities to increase public awareness of EMS services and personal and community emergency preparedness.

Everyday,  in every community, EMS responders answer the call to provide  lifesaving care and transportation for our family members, neighbors,  and friends. We  believe in strong, prepared, resilient communities through the power of  education and well-trained emergency service workers, nurses and  committed community volunteers.
Contact Details
Phone: 612.770.8050

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