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Everyday Heroes.  
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Timothy L Correll Foundation Memorial Scholarships

To be considered  for a TLCF Scholarship, student applicants must be a Minnesota resident  and enrolled or accepted into an undergraduate program in an accredited  College or University for fall semester of the award year in one of  these three programs: Fire Science/Firefighting, Paramedics, or Nursing.

The  TLCF Scholarship Committee uses personal statements and/or personal  interviews, recommendations from instructors or program directors, and  other individuals not related to the potential awardees in which to base  their decisions. We award a minimum of four (4) memorial scholarships each year. The amount of the scholarship award is $750.  We may make additional awards  based upon available funds. Scholarship awards may be used for cost of  attendance expenses.

TLCF Memorial Scholarships are awarded annually to both traditional and non-traditional  students who demonstrate initiative, leadership and service to their  community. They are committed to completing their program and have  drive, energy, and enthusiasm for their work.  

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Everyday,  in every community, EMS responders answer the call to provide  lifesaving care and transportation for our family members, neighbors,  and friends. We  believe in strong, prepared, resilient communities through the power of  education and well-trained emergency service workers, nurses and  committed community volunteers.
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